1) Lose 30 pounds: Current weigh-in 220.7, 3.7 pounds to go.
2) Blog my progress on 101 Things monthly: This is #4.
3) Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began: 127 total to see (using 2015 as the cutoff), 22/127 done. NO MOVEMENT
4) Get a list of 20 book recommendations from Ellen and read them all   4/20 completed:
“The Women’s Room” by Marilyn French
“And the Shofar Blew” by Francine Rivers
5) Run a 5K: COMPLETED ON 05/31/2014  Time 30:41.4
6) Copy all our recipes onto index cards: Haven’t done any new ones recently
7) Be able to do 200 situps: Can currently do 20.
8) Get screenings for HDL/LDL cholesterol, blood glucose and BMI and get them to healthy level: Looking for a new screening to attend.
9) Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month: Still averaging about 2 a day.
10) Create a bucket list: 17/100. No new ones.
11) Adopt a dog: This one’s on hold until we finish dog-sitting, Jan. 2015
12) Begin regular family devotions: Only happpened twice, need to re-start.
13) Finalize my own personal “Top 1000 Songs” list: Still at 715 songs, no movement.
14) Bench press my body weight: Still at 110 out of 170 but the reps have increased.
15) Learn 30 new words (and use them in conversation):Still working on getting the first 10 down.
16) Be able to do 100 push-ups: 12
17) Discover 15 new vegetarian recipes we can add to the family meal rotation: 1/15
18) Pay off my car loan: IN PROGRESS
19) Pay off all the medical bills: IN PROGRESS
20) Lose 20 pounds
21) Lose 10 pounds
22) Finally watch “24”
23) Finally watch “LOST”

UPDATE 3: 4/101 accomplished, 17 currently in progress

1) Lose 20 pounds: Weighed in at 226.4 on 04/12/2014. I have purchased 34 inch waist shorts (compared with 42 inch size in December 2013) since shorts are too loose. Done.
2) Blog my progress on 101 Things monthly: This is #3.
3) Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began: 127 total to see (using 2015 as the cutoff), 22/127 done.
1903 THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY Important as the first use of double exposure, location shooting, camera movement and cross-cutting between scenes to show simultaneous action (although I found the sudden footage at the ‘party’ jarring..it should have had a little bit more setup in my opinion to transition into the chase of the robbers.) Viewed approx. 03/18/14
1904 WESTINGHOUSE WORKS (early industrial video/documentary of the factory’s workings) Viewed 04/06/14
1905  RESCUED BY ROVER Viewed 04/06/14 The version of this U.K. produced film I have linked includes helpful explanatory commentary about not only the film’s plotline but the use of film narrative techniques this film originated. It’s worth noting that the canine actor in this film led to popularity of the name “Rover” for dogs. Prior to this film, the name was quite unusual.
1906 A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET BEFORE THE FIRE This is interesting as a period piece to how San Francisco’s Market Street looked like shortly before the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake which ruptured gas lines throughout the city causing a terrible inferno. The quake also ruptured water lines leaving San Francisco firefighters at a disadvantage in battling the blaze. While San Francisco was no doubt bustling (it was the 9th largest U.S. city of the time according to this documentary narrated by F. Murray Abraham), there is some evidence that the level of activity was “tweaked” by the cinematographer to make an effective advertisement for San Francisco tourism. (If you watch for license plate “4867” it will appear six times during the film’s 11 odd minutes).  Fun fact: Opera singer Enrico Caruso, at that time one of the most well-known singers in the country, checked into a luxury San Francisco hotel just the day before the earthquake with 54 steamer trunks as luggage. The damage footage in the documentary I’ve linked starts at about 14:30 in.
4) Get a list of 20 book recommendations from Ellen and read them all: Still reading “The Women’s Room” by Marilyn French. On page 354 of 499 currently.
5) Lose 30 pounds. Weigh-in is tomorrow morning, most recent weighin was 223.4 pounds. Need to hit 217 to achieve this one.
6) Run a 5K: Training continues. Still doing run/walk intervals in training. Currently doing intervals of 10 minute run/jog then 5 minute..x2..3 times a week. Race is 05/31/14.
7) Copy all our recipes onto index cards: Estimate about 473 recipes still in my stack to “convert” to index cards.
8) Be able to do 100 push-ups: Currently standing at 10 proper pushups.
9) Be able to do 200 situps: On 04/15, I was able to do 13 situps.
10) Get screenings for HDL/LDL cholesterol, blood glucose and BMI and get them to healthy level: I forgot to go to the screenings on 03/15/14 at CVS Pharmacy so I’m looking for a new one to attend now.
11) Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month: Still struggling with this. Usually averaging 2 glasses a day.
12) Create a bucket list: After revisiting my initial list of 54, many of them were moved to my “starter” list for my NEXT 101 Things list. At this point, my bucket list has 17 items, still shooting for around 100.
13) Adopt a dog: We are dog-sitting for a friend who’s out of country doing missions work so this will have to wait until that ends in January 2015.
14) Begin regular family devotions: Began doing this 04/25/14.
15) Finalize my own personal “Top 1000 Songs” list: As of today, the list stands at 715.
16) Bench press my body weight: I have set the final goal at 170 pounds. Currently I am at 100 pounds.
17) Learn 30 new words (and use them in conversation): My first 10 I’m working on:

1. SUPERANNUATED, adj.- obsolete. I am posting this on a superannuated computer.
2. TORPIDITY, n.- languor, sluggishness, stagnation, listlessness I was in a state of torpidity after the 5K race.
3. SAPIENT, adj.- profound, sagacious, wise  The professor brought a sapient understanding of the war’s causes to his book about the Civil War.
4. INTERDICT, v.- prohibition, proscription, banning There is an interdiction on public smoking in the state of Ohio. (verb form typically interdict.)
5. INTERPOSE,v.- to put between, interject Our yammering neighbor’s interpositions made finishing a speech difficult.  The grey clouds interposed the brilliant blue sky with foreboding.
6. MALADROIT, adj.- bungling, clumsy  I am typically covered with bruises and minor wounds as is the lot of the maladroit.
7. ANTERIOR, n.- portion located nearest the front  The anterior of the building was domed.
8. ELYSIAN, adj.- sublime, utopian, idyllic  The mansion, interposed in the Andes mountains, offers Elysian beauty.
9. EXCISE, v.- to cut out, delete.  A good writer excises unnecessary words from a sentence.
10. SATURNINE, adj.- distant, remote. His countenance, by daylight, had a sort of amiably saturnine cast.

Latest update:

1) Lose 10 pounds: Weighed in at 236.6 on 03/08/2014. Done.
2) Blog my progress on 101 Things monthly. This is #2.
3) Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began. 127 total to see (using 2015 as the cutoff), 15/127 done.
1888 ROUNDHAY GARDEN SCENE First known movie produced. Obviously this is one of those “important only because it’s historic” deals. There is very little about this that makes it inherently interesting. It doesn’t reveal anything about the late 1880s really, it’s too short to have a plot..it’s just the filmmaker’s son and several relatives walking in a circle. No doubt it was mindboggling in its day but now it’s just fun to realize we are watching echoes of history more than 125 years ago.

1889 MONKEYSHINES, NO. 1  Depending on which source you believe, this is either 1889 *or* 1890. I am using it as 1889 because the only other film I see listed for the year (LEISURELY PEDESTRIANS, OPEN TOPPED BUSES AND HANSOM CABS WITH TROTTING HORSES) has no known surviving prints or stills. Honestly, this film is much too blurry to make out what is actually occurring.

1890  LONDON’S TRAFALGAR SQUARE Only ten frames of film are still known to survive and are in the linked animated .GIF. Again, not terribly exciting but you see what turn of the century London thoroughfares were like.

1891 MEN BOXING Exactly what you’d think. The film was made by associates of Thomas Edison.

1892 LE CLOWN ET SES CHIENSThis French film (“The Clown and His Dogs”) is the first known animated film.

1893 BLACKSMITH SCENE. This film was shot by Thomas Edison. This is the first publicly exhibited film.  Drinking a brewski while using really big hammers…probably a GREAT idea. *eyeroll*

1894  ANNIE OAKLEY Yep, she was a good shot…

1895 THE EXECUTION OF MARY STUART This is pretty shocking stuff considering the vintage. It’s a re-enactment of the beheading where we see the head detach and the executioner show the trophy to the gathered crowd. Ewwww….

1896 THE KISS Features the first ever celluloid kiss. No tongue. *sigh*

1897 OLD MAN DRINKING A GLASS OF BEER Exactly what it sounds like from the title.

1898 SANTA CLAUS The first Christmas-themed movie and also the first instance of parallel action. Charming short.

1899 THE KISS IN THE TUNNEL You can just envision the ad: “From the makers of the sizzing THE KISS comes the even naughtier (and more Freudian) THE KISS IN THE TUNNEL!” This one is the first to show a “phantom ride” where the camera shot mimicks being a passenger in the train watching it enter the tunnel bookending the liplock.

1900 JEANNE D’ARC (JOAN OF ARC)JEANNE D’ARC This was the first totally color film. Ten minutes long and all hand-tinted.

1901 FIRE! An early narrative film. Reasonably good watch for what it is but thoroughly unrealistic that the FIRST thing the firefighter does upon entering the blaze is spray the fiery walls with the extinguisher rather than getting the man inside out.

1902 LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE (A TRIP TO THE MOON) Early French narrative film. This was genuinely entertaining. Glad I watched this one.

4) Get a list of 20 book recommendations from Ellen and read them all. Still working on “The Women’s Room” by Marilyn French.
5) Lose 20 pounds: This will be achieved when I hit 227.
6) Run a 5K: Still like the idea of a color run…and will probably do one eventually…but I’ll be doing the LoveWorks 5K in Gahanna, OH on 05/31/2014. I’ve started classes on 03/08 geared toward getting me ready for it. I also picked up new running shoes today :)

Latest update:

  1. Discover 15 new vegetarian recipes we can add to the family meal rotation: Tried a recipe for orange-glazed carrots tonight that seemed to be a hit. :)
  2. Lose 10 pounds: Weighed in at 238.6 this morning. Another 1.6 and this goal is achieved!
  3. Copy all our recipes onto index cards.  Still have probably around another 45-70 or so to go but I did make some pretty good progress. Added 99 new recipes.
  4. Be able to do 100 push-ups. I’m now up to 25 wall pushups.
  5. Be able to do 200 situps. I’m at 15 right now.
  6. Get screenings for HDL/LDL cholesterol, blood glucose and BMI and get them to healthy level. I actually know my BMI..it’s 36.1 which is bad…but it’s slowly improving. Down .4 from last week (my new scale measures BMI and body fat percentage). There are free screenings coming up on March 15th at a CVS near me so I’ll get this checked off (at least the KNOWING the numbers part) then.
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month.   Still working up to this but I’m now averaging 5 glasses a water a day. On my way…
  8. Create a bucket list. 51 items on the raw draft right now..want to get to 100.
  9. Blog my progress on 101 Things monthly. This will take care of that.
  10. Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began. 2 more from the 1890s to go, then only another 124 years worth to go. :P
  11. Benchpress my body weight.  Can currently bench 90. Haven’t decided whether I want  to make this goal my CURRENT body weight (238) or my final goal weight (somewhere between 150 and 170).
  12. Get a list of 20 book recommendations from Ellen and read them all.  I’ve now read “Diary of a Young Girl” from Anne Frank and “The End of Dr. Y” by Scarlett Thomas and thought they were pretty good. Currently working on “The Women’s Room” by Marilyn French.

2/101 down.  12 more in progress.

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101 Things in 1001 Days- Greg Brady

Time to get ‘er done!

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the 101 Things in 1001 Days, you can just click on the checklist pic above…

Items in bold are In Progress
Items in Strikethrough = COMPLETE!
TALLY: 2 complete, 8 in progress

  1. Go horseback riding
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Complete a Sudoku puzzle
  4. Participate in a flash mob
  5. Attend at least 5 of those free “D.I.Y.” workshops at Lowe’s or Home Depot
  6. Learn at least three chords on guitar
  7. Try a new food every other month for a year or equivalent (six different new foods in other words)
  8. Donate blood at least 10 times
  9. Donate $1 for every goal I fail to achieve
  10. Volunteer to assist with literacy or ESL classes on semi-regular basis (if possible)
  11. Discover 15 new vegetarian recipes we can add to the family meal rotation
  12. Copy all our recipes onto index cards
    I have started a pile of the “loose” recipes..you know, the ones just on random scraps of paper.
  13. Learn to play a song from memory on guitar
  14. Run a 5K race
  15. Run a half marathon
  16. Lose 10 pounds (goal:237)  4 more pounds remain…
  17. Lose 20 pounds (goal:227)
  18. Lose 30 pounds (goal:217)
  19. Lose 40 pounds (goal:207)
  20. Lose 50 pounds (goal:197)
  21. Lose 60 pounds (goal:187)
  22. Lose 70 pounds (goal:177)
  23. Lose 80 pounds (goal:167) NOTE: This goal may be abandoned if I look fit/toned at 170. Will assess when reached.
  24. Lose 90 pounds (goal:157) NOTE: same as above
  25. Lose final 7 pounds to reach 150 pounds NOTE: same as above
  26. Be able to do 100 pushups
  27. Be able to do 200 situps
  28. Learn my numbers for the following health indicators: cholesterol (HDL/LDL), glucose and BMI. If unhealthy, get them into healthy range.
  29. Once reached, maintain my goal weight for at least three months.
  30. Go to the doctor for a physical
  31. Buy a bicycle
  32. Once #31 complete, ride it at least once a week for three months
  33. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month Day 1 completed 02-03-14
  34. Go to bed before 11PM every night for a month
  35. Keep a “My Day in 6 Words” journal for 6 months
  36. Write a letter to myself to open when I’m 50
  37. Create a music curriculum for Michael
  38. Learn 30 new words (and use them in conversation)
  39. Learn where all 50 U.S. states are on the map
  40. Attend a “cultural” concert
  41. Visit 10 sites of historical interest in Ohio but NOT in the Columbus area
  42. Ask Facebook friends for book recommendations. Once I have 25 unique titles which I have not already read, read them.
  43. Read 100 books [These may overlap with other reading goals.]
  44. Read book “The Well-Educated Mind : H0w to Get the Classical Education You Never Had” by Susan Wise Bauer
  45. Once #44 complete, complile a list of 25 “Advanced Placement/classics” titles you’ve never read and read them.
  46. Get a list of 20 book recommendations that I’ve never read from Ellen (my wife) and read them all
    1. Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  47. Read one Shakespeare play
  48. Read the dictionary (the whole thing)
  49. Watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day
  50. Make a bucket list of 100 items  51/100 listed
  51. Make a list of 101 Quotes that Inspire Me
  52. Write a new list for the next 1001 days
  53. Go to a batting cage
  54. Check/change batteries in my smoke alarm when time changes02
  55. Write a letter to myself to be opened on day 1002
  56. Blog my progress on the list at least once a month This is the first one…
  57. Interview family members about our “history” and archive as digital files
  58. Answer the “50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind”
  59. Create a digital archive of important files and place in the safe
  60. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen beginning with each letter of the alphabet
  61. Watch a movie from every year since filmmaking began (1888-2016 when the 1001 is up)  11/129
  62. Watch a foreign film
  63. See 10 new movies of Ellen’s choosing
  64. See 20 “guy” movies
  65. See 10 “classic” movies I’ve never seen
  66. Listen to one song each from 101 artists I’ve never heard before
  67. Ask Facebook friends for album recommendations. Once I have 20 unique titles which I have not already heard, listen to them.
  68. Finish a list of my own personal Top 1000 Songs of All Time
  69. Convert all my vinyl albums to digital files
  70. Create a Desert Island Discs list and post online
  71. Finally watch “Lost” (minimum 3 episodes) and see if I like it
  72. Finally watch “24” (minimum 3 episodes) and see if I like it  Completed 01-23-14
  73. Go on a road trip to somewhere out of state
  74. Visit Fallingwater, PA
  75. Save $1 for every goal completed
  76. Pay off household medical debts
  77. Pay off my car loan
  78. Get a new, better paying job
  79. Make out a will
  80. Complete a home inventory for insurance
  81. Build my financial giving up to tithe level
  82. Spend a “Father/Son” day (at least once a month) doing something of Michael’s choosing for 6 months [to try and establish a habit]
  83. Send 5 love notes or cards on “non-Hallmark” days
  84. Teach Michael to ride his bike
  85. Research my family tree
  86. Clean the basement
  87. Fix the basement toilet
  88. Fix the kitchen sink
  89. Fix the bathroom sink
  90. Buy a new oven
  91. Organize my filing cabinet
  92. Start a scrapbook
  93. Begin regular family devotions
  94. Don’t complain about anything for a week
  95. Add a daily Quiet Time  Begin 50 day “MINDSHIFT” (Think like Jesus” devotional series to go with church series, 02-03-14
  96. (PRIVATE)
  97. Learn to roll sushi
  98. Benchpress my body weight
  99. (PRIVATE)
  100. Adopt a dog
  101. Try 10 new cocktails

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Welcome to my journey…

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This will be my repository for my updates for my 101 Things in 1001 days blog. I am currently in the process of getting my list together. If you have done this yourself in the past (or are doing it right now), feel free to add your suggestions.

I hope to have my list finalized and posted here by January 1, 2012.